Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

It’s great having a sharp-looking website that impresses you, your family and friends, but unless you have plans to drive traffic to it somehow, it’s likely to sit in cyber-space with no visitors and be in-effective or you.

When customers search for your services in Google, you want to be found on page 1 of the Search Engine Results Page (SERPS). Research tells us that he higher you are on this page, the more likely it is that people will click through to your website.

Search engine optimisation is the process of making your web pages easy for Google to understand what the page is about and be assured that it is likely to have the answer to the searcher’s query.

The more credible, helpful, authoritative, trusting and interesting the page is, the more likely it is that Google will display the page within its results.

There’s much more to this topic and SEO is an on-going task, constantly researching, adjusting and creating new content in the hope it will rank higher than your competition. Google makes changes to its algorithms most days but rarely tells anyone about these updates. Staying ahead of the changes and being prepared to experiment is all part of the job of a SEO specialist.

My work therefore includes researching the important keywords and phrases your potential customers are searching for, making technical adjustments to the page and adding great content to it that people will find useful and appealing. Google looks for all kinds of ‘signals’ about a page and knowing how long people spend on a page, how many other authoritative websites link to it, etc are all taken into account when deciding how or if to rank the page.